WentWest as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN) are seeking the next generation of mental health advocates to represent Western Sydney, by offering two professional development and advocacy opportunities, through the Allison Kokany Consumer Scholarship.

The scholarship provides assistance for individuals who can advocate for mental health based on a lived experience, providing a critical voice and perspective of what it is like living with, supporting, or caring for someone with a mental health condition.

First launched in 2018, the scholarship honours the tireless work that Allison championed during her tenure at WentWest. She advocated and supported the rights of those with mental illness and those in long term care, often challenging care conventions. She was actively involved with initiatives on a local, state and national level and assisted the PHN in commissioning processes to design consumer needs centred services.

The $5,000 scholarships can be used to enable the completion of mental health courses or qualifications, assist with participation at key consumer mental health events, or for equipment and resources required for advocacy work.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate their understanding of the types of mental health services required in providing treatment, care and support, along with a keen interest in consumer advocacy. WentWest encourages consumers who can represent a range of specific population groups from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and age demographics including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Applications close 5:00pm Friday 14 August 2020. 

There are two scholarships available, with a total value of $5,000 each.

The funds are available for people to apply to three different categories, as follows:

  1. To enable completion of mental health course and qualification relating to consumer advocacy, peer work or mental health specific area.
  2. Assistance with participation at key consumer/mental health events requiring representation from consumers.
  3. Assistance with equipment and or resources required for advocacy work.

Applicants must be able to show a keen interest in the work of consumer advocacy as well as their understanding of the types and requirements of mental health services in providing treatment, care and support.

Importantly we require applicant to complete a statement of their understanding of the work consumer/carers and its importance to supporting the mental health sector reforms currently underway.

We also encourage consumers who can represent a range of specific population groups, from diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres straits islander, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, LGBTIQ, elderly and young people.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria need to complete the application form, provide a copy of their Curriculum vitae (CV) , as well as a statement of  understanding consumer advocacy in the areas of mental health.

Applications should be emailed to the Commissioning team at commissioning@wentwest.com.au

These applications will be reviewed by the Commissioning team and the WentWest Consumer Council.

For further information contact Senior Commissioning Manager, Jelly Magirazi on 8811 7100.