COVID-19 testing clinics and dedicated Pathology Collection Centres are available in Western Sydney. Together with hospitals, general practices and the Western Sydney Local Health District, these free COVID-19 testing facilities have been established to test patients who are suspected of having COVID-19. 

Testing for COVID-19

Anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19 and meet the current NSW Health testing criteria can access the COVID-19 test for FREE.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever (≥37.5), cough, sore throat, shortness of breath (difficulty breathing), loss of smell and loss of taste. Other reported symptoms of COVID-19 include fatigue, runny nose, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting and loss of appetite. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia with severe acute respiratory distress.

The test requires the collection of nasal and throat swabs and generally takes less than 10 minutes. 

People who are tested for COVID-19 are required to follow the NSW Health self-isolation guidelines until the results are available and further advice has been provided. Test results can take up to 48 hours until they are available. Any tests that return a positive COVID-19 result must be notified to the Public Health Unit.

Find out more about getting tested for COVID-19

Multicultural information on COVID-19 testing is available on the NSW Health website including details on symptoms and testing

COVID-19 Testing Clinics and Centres in Western Sydney

GP-led Respiratory Clinics, COVID-19 Clinics and COVID-19 Pathology Collection Centres are available in Western Sydney.

Visit the NSW Heath COVID-19 Clinics webpage to search for a testing location near you. 

As a Primary Health Network, we are supporting the below clinics:

Address: 36 Kildare Road, Blacktown
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am-8pm | Sat – Sun: 8am-6pm
Book online

Address: 2/268 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill (not within Castle Mall)
Hours: Mon – Fri: 3pm-7pm
Book online

Address: Murray Farm Reserve, 71 Murray Farm Road, Carlingford
Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am-4pm
No booking required. 
Children under five years old will not be tested at this clinic. 

Testing and assessment processes may differ slightly at various testing facilities. 

Please note we do not have access to any COVID-19 test results or testing facility contact numbers. You will need to contact the testing facility that performed your COVID-19 test to receive your results. Test results generally take 48 hours from the date of your test. Visit the NSW Health COVID-19 Clinics webpage for facility contact information. 

COVID-19 Testing at Home

If you need a COVID-19 test and can’t go to a testing clinic, contact your GP to discuss if they can arrange home testing.

If your GP is unable to arrange COVID-19 home testing, your local health district may be able to assist you. This service may be limited to people who cannot leave their home due to disability, injury, chronic health issues, or frailty affecting mobility.

For further information contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.