Distribution Delay Due to Greater Sydney Lockdown

Due to the current restrictions in Greater Sydney, we are experiencing limitations in accessing delivery services for the distribution of masks to practices and pharmacies in Western Sydney. 

Whilst we are still accepting mask requests, please note that there will be a delay with processing these requests during lockdown. 

Requesting Masks for your Practice or Pharmacy

To help us plan our distribution of masks issued by the Australian Government, we ask that eligible health care staff complete the below form so we can determine the mask requirements for your practice, pharmacy or health care service. To check that you are eligible, please refer to the Department of Health Distribution of PPE through PHNs guidance.

Please only complete this form if you have not been able to secure any masks through your usual supplier. 

These masks are for patients who present with COVID-19 symptoms and/or staff who are performing a COVID-19 test and are not for general use by community members. 

Please do not submit multiple requests while waiting on your order as it may override your original pending request.  

This request form cannot be used for other PPE requests. 

Fields marked with an * are mandatory