Within the health care sector, patients, clients, community members and their carers, who access a health care service, are often referred to as consumers. 

Research Areas of Focus

Our aim is to make participation in research and evaluation activities easier, focusing on two areas:

  1. Consumers with lived experience of a health condition seeking to identify and take part in research relevant to their needs.
  2. For researchers to communicate relevant research opportunities and provide a platform for consumer connection and involvement.

We also seek to support and enhance best practice engagement of health consumers in research activities in partnership with Health Consumers NSW and other patient advocacy groups.

The Health Consumers NSW’s ‘Involving Health Consumers in Health and Medical Research’ report provides information on their workshop findings. Dr Anthony Brown, Executive Director, Health Consumers NSW comments “There are growing expectations that research projects involve health consumers as co-designers and co-researchers. Funding bodies, academic journals, and consumer organisations are all encouraging this consumer involvement. But what does this mean, and how do researchers establish meaningful partnerships with health consumers in research?” View the research report below to find out more. 

Connect with 'Join Us'

In seeking to forge connections between researchers and Western Sydney health consumers, we have become a partner in the ‘Join Us’ registry project which is an initiative of The George Institute and the University of NSW (UNSW).

‘Join Us’ is an online register connecting researchers with people who are willing to be involved in research that is relevant to their health needs. The ‘Join Us’ register has a vision of 1 million people registered nationally and provides options to participate in research that is of interest to them.

Progressing Health Now

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