WentWest has collaborated on several research projects and over the past six years has contributed to 34 studies.

Research in Western Sydney

The role we’ve played has varied from active and full partner, to supporter and enabler via our community and health professional contacts.

Below is a list of completed and published research that features studies with current or past WentWest staff members as authors, or studies where WentWest has provided support for execution of the study in some form.

These studies have all had a significant focus on either developing new knowledge or evaluating current programs and services within Western Sydney to benefit our community and the health care providers who serve them.

Areas of focus are generally, but not exclusively, aligned with our research priorities, mental health, Patient Centered Medical Home, system reform, vulnerable populations and chronic disease. We also have an ambition to have every major commissioned service with an appropriate research and evaluation dimension. 

Progressing Health Now

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