We’re frequently approached by those interested in undertaking research and evaluation activities in the primary care health setting. This usually involves seeking to engage general practitioners, other health professionals and patients in planned research activities.

Identifying Barriers

When proposing to undertake research in general practice, interested parties are requested to consider how the barriers identified below might be addressed in any proposal:

  • Lack of time within the practice 
  • Lack of financial remuneration for time and resources committed
  • Lack of training and familiarity in research methods and conduct of research in general practice/including research protocols
  • Concerns around patient privacy, confidentiality and/or data integrity
  • Concerns around clarity what is being investigated in the study

Research Benefits

There are significant benefits in undertaking research in the general practice setting. Some examples are:

  • In order to be able to advocate for quality, patient-centred, appropriately funded general practice, we need Australian generated primary care specific evidence
  • If we want to achieve the quadruple aim of health care – better experience for patient/better health outcomes for the community/lower cost of overall health care/better experience for the clinician – we need hard evidence of the benefits of investing in general practice
  • Most “evidence based” research has been generated in the siloed environment of disease focused specialties and fails to accommodate for the “real world” of multimorbidity and complexity

To find out more about research in general practice and how to optimise this from a researcher, practice and patient perspective view the General Practice Research presentation by A/Prof Charlotte Hespe, Head of General Practice and Primary Care Research, UNDA, Sydney.

If you are interested in participating in research within Western Sydney, please complete our expression of interest (EOI) form below.

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We have an interest in the social, economic, environmental, health and wellbeing of the people in our region and are committed to working with a wide range of stakeholders and partners to research and evaluate the impact that programs and services have on the community.

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