Sarah and Caitlin from Practice Development Team

On time vaccination is a child’s best protection against serious diseases. Delaying vaccinations means a child will be unprotected for longer than necessary – often at an age when disease is most common or more serious.
In a bid to boost the regions childhood immunisation rates we commenced our annual Immunisation Bike Competition on 1 October 2019. Last year, statistics showed that Western Sydney had a low immunisation rate of 88.76%. The national immunisation target has been set at 95% for all children to be fully immunised in the region.

In partnership with local general practices, we encouraged families to immunise their child and enter our Immunisation Bike Competition.Every child who was immunised at a participating general practice between October 2019 and January 2020 were eligible to enter the draw to win a bike or trike (depending on age group) and a helmet. This year’s campaign saw 191 general practices participate across Western Sydney, collectively immunising 2,843 children. Since 2011, the campaign has seen a continued increase in participation with 12,904 children immunised.

To celebrate this achievement a prize-giving ceremony will be held on Saturday 14 March, where our Clinical Director, Dr Michael Fasher will present the 24 lucky winners with their prize.

More information about the Immunisation Bike Competition and the list of this year’s winners is available on our website.

To help patients stay up to date with their child’s vaccinations, the free ‘Save The Date To Vaccinate’ app can be downloaded on Apple or Android devices. Parents are also encouraged to Get the Facts on childhood immunisation to help protect their family.