We encourage research and evaluation activities to inform our work as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network and have a significant history of collaboration with a wide range of research organisations and other institutions.

Proposal Development

We understand that proposals may be at different levels of evolution ranging from conceptual to those that are fully evolved and simply seeking some form of endorsement or support. Our experience is that it is highly beneficial to engage with us early in the development of proposals so that we can potentially add insights relating to relevance to the Western Sydney community, our current research priorities and also how we can make any research mutually beneficial for all parties.

Research proposals should align with our Strategic Plan. We recommend researchers review our Research Strategy and Priorities presentation, giving consideration to our research priority areas and our goals relating to the research and evaluation activities we undertake. 

Our research priority areas of focus are: 

  • System reform
  • Patient Centered Medical Home and Healthcare Neighbourhood
  • Digital care
  • Chronic disease
  • Mental health
  • Vulnerable populations

Submissions should clearly identify how the proposed research: 

  • Supports the WentWest mission, our Strategic Plan objectives and research priorities
  • Meets appropriate research standards
  • Aligns with our Quadruple Aim
  • Will benefit the general community and/or the health professional community.

All research will require approval by a properly constituted Human Research Ethics Committee. Where the proposed research involves Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples or communities, approval by the NSW Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council Research Ethics Committee will also be required.

You should also determine the nature of support or partnerships required for your research as this will help you clearly identify your requirements in your proposal. 

Submitting Your Research Proposal

To ensure a timely and complete response to proposal submission requirements, we suggest that current and potential research partners complete our online form. 

Once we have received your proposal submission, our Research team will be in touch to let you know when you should receive an outcome of your request. 

Progressing Health Now

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