Developed by local GPs, specialists, nurses and allied health providers, Western Sydney HealthPathways supports health professionals by providing local, relevant information on managing medical conditions and referral options for their patients.  

Helping You Help Your Patients

Health professionals can access over 560 local clinical pathways and referrals for an extensive range of health conditions for free via the mobile friendly Western Sydney HealthPathways website. These pathways have been created to provide a quick and easy resource for health professionals to access during a consultation and include the latest health concerns, such as COVID-19.

Continued Success Throughout 2020

In its seventh year, Western Sydney HealthPathways continues to go from strength to strength, providing trusted, relevant, and practical clinical information and local patient referral options. With more than 560 localised pathways, over 8,600 health professionals accessed the decision support tool throughout 2020.  With 68 new pathways developed in 2020, the platform proved especially crucial in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The HealthPathways Team express our sincere gratitude to Western Sydney Community Clinicians, Western Sydney Local Health District and Sydney Children’s Hospital Networks department directors, heads of departments, managers and clinical experts for the time and expertise to review and contribute to pathways.

COVID-19 Response Package

A COVID-19 Response Package consisting of a range of COVID-19 specific pathways are now available on Western Sydney HealthPathways. Some of these pathways are available below as a quick link.

You can view our full range of pathways and find out more about this Response Package on our webpage.

Other Pathways

Our pathways provide health professionals with quick and easy access to up to date information on a range of clinical areas, including:

Western Sydney HealthPathways is a partnership initiative between Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN), Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN).

Access HealthPathways

Only health professionals in Western Sydney can access our Western Sydney HealthPathways website.

A password is required. If you don’t have the login details, you can contact our HealthPathways team at or call 8811 7100.

New HealthPathways

Our team of clinical editors are continually working on new pathways throughout the year with local subject matter experts and health care providers. If you have an idea for a clinical pathway for our region, email the team at

Information For Your Patients

As HealthPathways are designed for health professionals, we don’t recommend you distribute any of these pathways to your patients, however, community members can access patient resources associated with Western Sydney pathways for free on our Healthy Western Sydney website.

There are also thousands of health resources available in GoShare that you can send to patients who have certain medical conditions. If you don’t have access to GoShare and would like to register your practice, please email