For us, research is an evolving and collaborative effort frequently involving system partners from both state and federal governments, academic, health care, social and community organisations with a focus on the Western Sydney community.

Our Research Mission

The research work we do is critical in supporting us in delivering on our mission of:

Working in partnership to lead better system integration and coordination, strengthening equity and empowerment for Western Sydney communities and the people who care for them.

We’ve developed this research section of our website to:

  1. Outline the central role of research and evaluation in everything we do with examples of work underway or completed in Western Sydney.
  2. Assist current and potential research and evaluation partners to understand our areas of focus and help them engage with us efficiently.
  3. Provide a vehicle for health and social care providers and consumers with lived experience to identify possible research areas of interest that they may wish to participate in.

Our Research Focus

The focus of research and evaluation activities is closely aligned to the priorities set out in our Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan and research priorities are informed by ongoing health needs assessments which are developed by working closely with health service providers and consumers to identify the priority health needs for Western Sydney.

Our research priority areas of focus are:

  • System reform
  • Patient Centered Medical Home and Healthcare Neighbourhood
  • Digital care
  • Chronic disease
  • Mental health
  • Vulnerable populations

Details of the research strategy and priorities aligned to the Quadruple Aim are covered by our Research Strategy and Priorities presentation

Find out more about research in Western Sydney and how you can get involved below.