This strategic plan allows us to collaborate, innovate and empower the Western Sydney community. By doing this we believe, with our partners, we can transform the primary health system and improve health outcomes. Together we can achieve what everyone deserves –patient centred, integrated and value-based care.

Our Priorities

We support the transformation of general practice to Patient Centred Medical Homes (PCMHs) and health care neighbourhoods using the 10 building blocks of high performing primary care. We enhance service integration for targeted health initiatives and geographic areas and drive structural integration, system redesign and transformation across the various health services serving the population of Western Sydney.

We understand health needs and co-design models of care with providers and consumers so we can commission services into areas of need to address health inequities. We are ambitiously moving from purchasing inputs and volume to outcomes and value. We continually push the boundaries of what is possible using evidence and data to drive outcomes. We develop the community sector and empower patients.

Our Enablers

We want to remove organisational and professional barriers, alleviate the siloed fragmented nature of care and pursue ‘one Western Sydney health system’ in order to provide value-based and person-centred care. We pursue this shared vision in true partnership with consumers and our community.
We continually reimagine how primary, community, acute and social care is delivered. We partner to design, trial and implement health reforms and continually seek out new ways and means to scale services we know work to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable populations. We do not believe in the status quo and continually innovate to meet rising market forces, consumerism and technological expectation and opportunities.

We measure the outcomes of everything we do. We continually reinvent how information, human-centred design and artificial intelligence can improve patient and clinician lives. We engage in world-renowned research to redefine what the health system of the future will look like

We are an indispensable component of the health system with diverse funding sources, products and services. We operate in different markets, diversify into different sectors and invest wisely. We leverage our assets to achieve our vision.

We are a purpose driven, learning organisation with a values-based culture. Our people are engaged leaders working in collaboration, passionate about making a difference in the communities we serve.

Our Initiatives

supporting the transformation of Western Sydney general practices to Patient Centred Medical Homes (PCMHs), moving Western Sydney from an ‘innovator’ to ‘early adopter’ stage, i.e. one in ten general practices being PCMHs.

Completing the implementation of two Patient Centred Healthcare Neighbourhoods through the clustering of practices and providers to improve patient outcomes.

Delivering ‘one Western Sydney health system’  in partnership with WSLHD, NSW Health and the Stronger Community Cluster.

Combining mental, physical, cultural, Aboriginal and other programs to support the most vulnerable people and families in our community.

Enhancing our capacity, scaling our nationally recognised approach to measuring the impact of everything we do and publishing/sharing our contribution publicly.

Defining what a PHN of the future could look like with our partners in NSW, the Commonwealth and internationally. Delivering peak performance against elevated standards of excellence.

Excelling in employee experience, and furthering progress towards a culturally sensitive, diverse and inclusive organisation.

Reforming the Western Sydney health system with our partners and using what we have learnt to contribute to the Commonwealth and the NSW policy agenda. 

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