We embrace new technology to accommodate data and innovation to drive patient centred approach to reforming the primary health care system.

Transformed Health Through Data and Insights

Focusing on patient quality improvement measure our Health Intelligence Unit (HIU) has been at the forefront in driving analytics to new heights. Understanding the value of data, we have ensured that our data assets are well applied whilst exercising our analytics skills.

Improving the services and condition of care for patients in our community, particularly identifying those at risk of poor health outcomes is the main objective for the HIU. We have placed rigorous controls and protocols in respect of data security, privacy, confidentiality and a de-identification process which involves the removal of direct identifiers that could be used in re-identifying an individual.

The ability to collect and analyse data has played a key role in making an evidence-based decision, answering relevant questions and future planning. The team ensure that collected de-identified data are well analysed to deliver trusted insights to our stakeholders.

With the richness of our data, we will continue to embrace new technology to help implement positive changes in medical services for patients, monitor service provider performances and improve risk outcomes for vulnerable patients.

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