As a Primary Health Network (PHN) we are required to publish a range of plans and reports which demonstrate how we are supporting the implementation of the government’s primary health care reform activities and managing the associated funding.

Needs Assessments

A key function of PHNs is to undertake ongoing health needs assessments. We work closely with health service providers and consumers to identify the priority health needs for Western Sydney. We can then commission services that support health service delivery, access, and equity, and ensure health care is delivered efficiently and effectively across the region.

The program Needs Assessment will continue to inform planning and commissioning activities throughout the breadth of activities and programmes undertaken by Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN). This Needs Assessment will inform planning on a three-year cycle, with a major refresh due in November 2021.

We will continue to expand the range and depth of topics addressed in the Program Needs Assessment and incorporate new and updated information when it becomes available.

Activity Work Plans

WSPHN is required to develop Activity Work Plans for each financial year and submit these for approval to the Department of Health. The plans are informed by the WSPHN Needs Assessment where key issues and priorities have been identified and underpin the strategic direction of the organisation. The plans must be approved by the Department before PHN activities can proceed.

Updated annually, the plans outline the activities to be delivered as part of our Strategic Plan.

The public versions of WSPHN’s Activity Work Plans are available below: