MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model which aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, their general practice, GPs and primary care teams. 

What is MyMedicare?

The Australian Government has introduced a new voluntary patient registration model called MyMedicare to drive improvements in primary health care for all Australians and deliver new funding packages to primary care providers.  

MyMedicare will strengthen the relationship between patients and their primary care teams by allowing patients to register with their regular general practice and select their preferred GP and providers within the practice. 

Registration in MyMedicare is voluntary for patients, practices and providers. Practices can register for MyMedicare and start enrolling patients today. 

Benefits of MyMedicare for General Practice

There are a number of benefits of MyMedicare for general practice including:

  • Access to more information about regular patients, making it easier to tailor services to fit individual patient needs
  • MBS-funded longer telephone consultations (levels C and D) for registered patients
  • Access to the triple bulk-billing incentive for longer MBS telehealth consultations (levels C, D and E) for registered patients aged under 16 years, pensioners and Commonwealth concession card holders
  • The ability to generate lists of the practice’s registered patients with a view that allows integration of registration information with practice software, reduction of administrative burden and GPs to access their registered patient lists directly
  • Access to new blended funding payments will be available to registered practices and providers
Benefits of MyMedicare for Patients

Patient registration is now available to Australians with a Medicare card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran card. Patients will be able to register in person at their chosen practice or online through their Medicare online account. My Medicare patients will have access to:

  • Greater continuity of care with their registered practice, improving health outcomes
  • Longer MBS-funded telephone calls with their usual general practice
  • Triple bulk-billing incentive for longer MBS consultations (Levels C, D and E) for children under 16, pensioners and concession card holders

Practice Registration Process

How do I Register my Practice for MyMedicare?

To register for MyMedicare and gain access to the patient registration platform in HPOS, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Link your Organisation in PRODA to HPOS
  2. Access the Organisation Register in HPOS to register your practice and link your eligible providers.
  3. Add MyMedicare to ‘My Programs’ in HPOS
  4. Ensure Practice Staff have appropriate delegations to access MyMedicare on HPOS

Before starting the registration process, please view the MyMedicare Readiness Checklist for General Practice and MyMedicare Organisation Registration Guide for General Practice. These resources will provide you with a list of required information, instructional videos and slides to assist you in completing registration. 

How can we Support Your Practice with MyMedicare?

Our Primary Care Development Team can support you and your practice with registration and meaningful use of the MyMedicare Voluntary Patient Registration system. Our Team can provide assistance by: 

  • Providing an in-depth overview of the benefits and features of MyMedicare. 
  • Helping review your practice eligibility for MyMedicare and provide step-by-step guidance. 
  • Assisting with the MyMedicare Registration process – at a time that is convenient to your practice schedule. 
  • Identifying patients who would benefit from MyMedicare using various tools. 
  • Providing resources to support and increase awareness about MyMedicare amongst staff and patients.   

How can Patients Register for MyMedicare?

There are three ways patients can register for MyMedicare.

  1. Online through their MyGov Account
  2. The Express Plus Medicare mobile application
  3. Paper registration form. This will be submitted in person at the practice where general practice staff will manually register patients via PRODA

It is important that practice staff are aware and understand the available registration options and inform patients accordingly. This will help to improve workflows and time efficiency during the registration process in general practice. For further information and a step-by-step instruction on each registration method, please see our MyMedicare Patient Registration Guide 

Need More Information?

You can visit the following websites for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on registration and the benefits of MyMedicare:

Practices and providers are encouraged to contact our team if they need further information on eligibility or registration. You can contact your WentWest Practice Development Officer directly or email  

Provider Digital Access (PRODA)Phone: 1800 700 199 and select option 1. Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm AEST.
Services Australia – Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)Phone: 132 150 and select option 6. Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm AWST.
Virtual Support Team – Western Sydney Primary Health Network Phone: 02 8811 7100 and select option 2. Email: