Transforming health through data and insights is the key focus of our Health Intelligence Unit (HIU). We drive a patient-centred approach to reforming the primary health care system by embracing new technology to accommodate data and innovation.

About Our Health Intelligence Unit

Developed over the last four years, the HIU’s primary goal is to capture, translate and share data with all internal and approved external system partners with a consistent view to support, inform, evaluate and improve the health and wellbeing of Western Sydney’s population.

In partnership with Western Sydney Local Health District and the NSW Ministry of Health Lumos project, the HIU increasingly generates and leverages de-identified, aggregated, patient linked data to create a fuller picture of the patient journey across the Western Sydney health system.

Key benefits envisaged resulting from this approach are:

  • Foster data driven quality improvement aligned to the Quadruple Aim
  • Eliminate existing siloes or fragmented views of health data
  • Support evidence-based best practice
  • Support monitoring and evaluation
  • Support research
  • Demonstrable improvements in patient care and outcomes

An overview presentation of the WentWest Health Intelligence Unit is available for you to find out more. 

To enquire about access to data and HIU services, please contact our HIU Manager, Shahana Ferdousi at 

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