Western Sydney Care Collective is a whole of system approach designed to enable and support the delivery of value-based health care in the community, ensuring health care is outcome-focused and patient-centred, and provided at the right time, in the right place.

The Value Based Urgent Care pathway aims to reduce the number of non-urgent presentations to emergency departments by providing access to Urgent Care Service centres within the community.

Trevor* had a fall at home and was taken straight to the Urgent Care Service (UCS) centre by his wife Mary. He was taken to the UCS treatment room immediately to be seen by the team.

The UCS practitioner spoke with Trevor to understand the full extent of his injuries and pain levels, and did a thorough physical examination. He was then taken to the UCS x-ray room to have his knee, ankle and leg screened.

Having arrived at the UCS centre at 3:15pm, Trevor and Mary were back home by 4:30pm having received medical advice and x-ray results that showed there were no breakages or fractures.

Mary commented that Dr Yasmeen was excellent in her treatment, very efficient and gave her husband all the care she could.


* Name has been changed to protect the identity of this client.

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