3 February 2022

The rising COVID-19 cases in NSW have placed additional pressure on GPs as the number of low and moderate-risk COVID-19 positive patients treated in a primary care setting has increased. In response, Western Sydney Primary Health Network has partnered with MQ Health and is proud to launch a new dedicated support service for GPs in Western Sydney who are managing COVID-19 positive patients.

The Western Sydney GP COVID Support Team is a team-based, three-tier model designed to provide GPs with multiple levels of support:

  • Triage: Assisting GPs in triaging patients and providing management support and advice
  • Advice: Possible escalation to a specialist for patients who may need additional support due to complexities and/or comorbidities
  • Refer: Referral recommendations may be made as per the Western Sydney COVID-19 HealthPathways and NSW Health guidelines

The triage service is staffed by senior nurses with respiratory experience who can assist GPs triage and manage COVID-19 positive patients.

The specialist advice service is for complex patients or those with comorbidities. The nurse will either discuss the case with the specialist and then provide the recommendations to the GP, or coordinate a direct consultation between the GP and specialist.

The referral service is only for a small number of patients who require care beyond that which can be provided in a primary care setting. This may include patients who are deteriorating, need to commence antiviral medication, or need further in-depth assessments. The Western Sydney GP COVID Support Team will make referral recommendations for these patients based on the Western Sydney HealthPathways and NSW Health guidelines.

Contacting the Western Sydney GP COVID Support Team

GPs can call the support team on (02) 9812 3587

The team is now available Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

For less urgent assistance, GPs can also email the support team at wscovidGP@wentwest.com.au

Print the flyer for your practice.

HealthPathways COVID-19 Resources

Western Sydney HealthPathways also has multiple pathways to support GPs manage COVID-19 positive patients.

The following HealthPathways support GPs in caring for low-risk COVID-19 positive patients:

You can access HealthPathways using the below details:

Username: health

Password: w3stern