Sharon McClelland (WSLHD), Dr Wenlin Cecilia Chi (WSLHD), Dr Guru Yajaman (Kildare Road Medical Centre) and Patient.

Diabetes is one of Western Sydney’s greatest health challenges with over half of the population at risk of developing diabetes. To assist with management and treatment options of diabetes, Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD) established the program Joint GP and Specialist Case Conference (JGPSCC) to enhance the clinical skills, confidence and capacity of GPs and practice nurses to effectively manage diabetes in primary care.

The JGPSCC Specialist team – including an Endocrinologist or Advanced Trainee, a credentialled Diabetes Educator, and a Resident Medical Officer –attend a general practice for a 30-minute consultation with the GP and a patient, to formulate a care plan and discuss medication options for the patient.

Since its establishment in 2014, over 300 GPs across 93 practices in Western Sydney have participated in the program, providing access to over 2,400 patients. The program is now considered a national exemplar for models of diabetes care.

Some of the benefits of JSCC include:

  • Providing learning and capacity-building opportunities to GPs in managing diabetes.
  • Increasing confidence in managing patients with diabetes in the primary care setting.
  • Early evaluation of the program has shown an average HbA1c reduction of 0.87%, weight reduction of 1.9Kg, and favourable effects on blood pressure and lipid profile.
  • Building relationships and improving communication between the GPs and hospital specialist.

For more information or to book a case conference session, speak to your Practice Development Coordinator or call Helpdesk on 8811 7117 or email

Health professionals can also access a range of local diabetes pathways on HealthPathways by using the below login details:

Username: health

WSD partners include WentWest as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network, Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD), Diabetes NSW & ACT and PricewaterhouseCoopers.