Lockdowns, loneliness, job loss and lowered life satisfaction have taken a massive toll on the physical and mental health of Western Sydney residents.

Comparing mental health data from April 2019 to April 2021, Beyond Blue noted a 31% increase in calls during the same four-week period1 and headspace research shows that 74% of young people report that their mental health has deteriorated since the outbreak of COVID-192. During these challenging times, connecting community members to online forums can be instrumental in improving physical and mental health.

Live Life Get Active (LLGA) is a health initiative tackling obesity, diabetes and mental health through fitness classes and online wellbeing resources. With COVID-19 restrictions set to continue, many of your patients, you and your staff may benefit from these resources. The LLGA program, now has over 20 online fitness sessions per week, including yoga, pilates, tai chi, and cardio. Along with on-demand fitness videos and daily live streams, the LLGA portal also has nutrition tips and recipes. There’s a handy 20-page family healthy eating plan with an easy to follow meal plan for four, costing less than $170.

LLGA is commissioned by WSPHN and are accessible to all abilities, genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds. There are no joining fees, no class fees and everything they offer is free. 

In addition to providing much needed mental health support at this time, the program has many other overall health benefits. Currently, around 14 million Australian’s are either overweight or obese3, causing a catalyst of other issues such as diabetes, heart disease, joint problems and depression. LLGA participant’s feedback indicates weight loss, positive shifts in mental health, improved overall wellbeing, and a feeling of community acceptance.

Amanda King, CEO of LLGA, says, “We have created an online offering that ensures we are always available to help, support, motivate and encourage our members to stay fit, healthy and happy. Our live sessions mean people can still connect. They can enjoy an exercise class, book in for a meditation session or enjoy a nutritional seminar. And at the end, they can still share the day-to-day chat, which at the moment is really important”.

Amanda King will be speaking at the upcoming Western Sydney Diabetes Masterclass on Monday 16 August. Join her and other sector
experts, to find out how initiatives like LLGA can prevent diabetes in Western Sydney. Register now: https://rego.interact.technology/diabesitymasterclass2021/

Resources to encourage healthy living:

– Free LLGA membership

Social media tiles to promote LLGA to patients, link posts to https://livelifegetactive.com/sign-up/register-now/ for a quick sign up

– LLGA fitness flyer for patients or waiting rooms

During the pandemic, free resources like LLGA can support patients with simple solutions to building healthier lifestyles that boost their

mental health. 

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