This month being Lung Health Awareness Month, aims to raise awareness on the importance of lung health and encourages patients to recognise early symptoms.

In Australia, almost one in three people are living with a lung disease, Lung Cancer being responsible for one in seven deaths. With the current impacts of COVID-19 and winter approaching, it is important that individuals look after their lung health and ensure they receive the right care.

Lung Foundation Australia’s, Know, Plan, Protect, Connect initiative, provides advice for individuals to stay well through this time and to recognise and act upon symptoms. Individuals should arm themselves with trusted information and protect against pneumonia and influenza. Whilst those with a pre-existing lung condition should be able to connect to care and support if required and have a plan in place should a flare-up occur.

A promotional pack is available for download to help encourage individuals to recognise lung symptoms and seek medical advice.

Symptoms can include coughing up blood or mucus, breathlessness, persistent cough or chest infection, chest pain or tightness, weight or appetite loss, tiredness and a hoarse voice.

For more information and resources on lung health visit WesternSydney HealthPathways by using the following login details:

Username: health

Password: w3stern