Ray Kelly and Emerton Pharmacy improving health outcomes.

Statistics show that Mount Druitt has become a hotspot for diabetes, with the number of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the region growing continuously. Screening at Emergency Departments (ED) in 2017 showed alarming rates with 40% of people with diabetes and 29% having prediabetes.

To support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members living with chronic health conditions, we’ve collaborated with Marrin Weejali an Aboriginal community-led organisation and Ray Kelly one of Australia’s leading health professionals to fund Too Deadly for Diabetes, a 10-week program for people with, or at risk of developing, type 2 Diabetes.

The program provides participants with a meal plan, exercise program, education and motivation with the aim of losing weight, improving health and reducing diabetic risk factors. Since 2019 the average weight loss for participants has been 6.3% of their starting weight. Records have proven that reduction of more than 5% can provide substantial improvements to chronic disease.

To find out more about the Too Deadly for Diabetes Program in Western Sydney, contact our Aboriginal Health team aboriginalhealth@wentwest.com.au or call 8811 7100. Health professionals are encouraged to refer eligible patients who may benefit from this initiative.