We’re committed to improving the cancer screening rates across the district with a focus on improving Cervical, Bowel and Breast screening rates where we currently fall below NSW state average. 

Key Cancer Screening Programs

Cancer Screening rates (cervical, breast and bowel) are a National Headline Indicator for Primary Health Networks (PHN’s).  

Evidence has shown that primary health care can have a significant impact on improving screening rates. 

Key focus areas of PHN cancer screening activities are: 

  • Developing partnerships with primary care providers, clinicians and community.
  • Supporting and enhancing primary care system capacity and capability through quality improvement initiatives.
  • Enhancing Clinician skills and knowledge.

Population-based cancer screening programs can be an effective means to identify cancers in people with no symptoms, allowing early treatment and a reduction in illness and mortality. 

Cancer screening programs for us include:  

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