With parts of Western Sydney experiencing some of the Country’s largest population growth, we as an organisation, focus on improving the health and wellbeing of Western Sydney families, and in particular focusing on the early childhood years.

Childhood Development

Our work in this area is to recognise the importance of early childhood development in the Western Sydney community. By developing integrated systems that promote the health and wellbeing of all children and families in our region, we can create partnerships that address the social and economic determinants of health, ensuring children reach their potential no matter where they live. 

Thrive@5 in Doonside is a place-based initiative which seeks to ensure children first 2000 days are well placed to begin school thriving. The program addresses the social areas of health for children aged 0-5 in Doonside by working in partnership with families, community leaders, primary health care providers, government agencies and non-government organisations. Visit our Thrive@5 in Doonside webpage for more information. 

We’ve identified that childhood immunisation is an important and critical component for a child’s development. This is the main reason we facilitated our Immunisation Bike Competition – a region-wide initiative encouraging childhood immunisation in partnership with local practices. This initiative has seen more than 12,902 children immunised between our competition period of October through to January since it began in 2011. 

In Western Sydney, we have a low immunisation rate of 88.76% of children aged between 24 to 27 months and the Immunisation Bike Competition provides a great platform for GPs to encourage parents to stay up-to-date with childhood immunisations. 

Live Life Get Active is all about creating a fitter, happier and healthier community and we know that children are a very important, wonderful part of every community. To find out more about sessions times and to register a team visit the Live Life Get Active website.

Students as Lifestyle Activists (SALSA) is a peer education and leadership program designed to motivate high school students in Western Sydney to maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase their physical activity. The program involves volunteer university and high school students from years 8 and 10, building capacity and expanding the skills of the high school participants. For more information visit the SALSA website.

Progressing Health Now

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