LinkedEHR supports the management of patients with chronic conditions, enabling a team of health professionals to support the coordination and delivery of care.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Operated by Ocean Health Systems, LinkedEHR is a care planning system specifically designed to provide a shared care plan. It records goals, targets and referrals so that patients receive the right level of care required for their chronic disease condition. The system connects general practitioners, allied health providers, specialists, hospital-based clinicians, non-government organisations, acute care providers and patients to help create efficient care, that costs less and most importantly enables care that improves patient outcomes. 

Benefits of using LinkedEHR include:

  • Integrates to all GP clinical management systems
  • Enables health care professionals to view, accept referrals and update service programs
  • Assessible from any device to enable health care professionals and patients to view and update their care plan in real time
  • Secure access to registered users to ensure patient records are handled with care

Some of the information LinkedEHR contains that assists with shared care plans is:

  • A summary of a patients' current diseases and medical issues
  • Strategies and referrals to achieve goals and targets
  • Clinical measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c, alcohol and smoking history
  • Family history and social circumstances
  • Allergies and adverse reactions, medications and immunisations
  • Updated progress notes following visits to contributing health care providers
  • A unique patient identifier, the IHI (Individual Healthcare Identifier), issued by Medicare Australia

Access LinkedEHR

Health care providers are required to be registered in LinkedEHR and can access or create a care plan once permission is given by the patient or by referral from a general practitioner.

LinkedEHR can be accessed via a compatible internet browser. Practices can also access LinkedEHR through an app in TopBar.

To find out more about LinkedEHR or to book a demonstration with a member of our Practice Development team email or call our Helpdesk on 8811 7117.