In 2014 the Service Delivery Reform (SDR) initiative was established in four sites across NSW giving those on the front line the mandate to work across agency boundaries, to innovate and deliver what is needed at the local level. SDR Member agencies are committed to working flexibly and collaboratively, taking collective responsibility for commissioning, reforming service pathways and delivering services to the Western Sydney community.

More about SDR in Western Sydney

In Western Sydney we have embraced this directive with open arms, harnessing our relationships and networks to build a robust coalition. Our region is experiencing significant demographic, social and economic changes. More than ever, we need responsive, integrated and comprehensive service systems that deliver a diverse range of policies, programs, strategies and services.

Over the next three years we will deliver our collective vision for Western Sydney to be healthy, resilient and thriving. We will be working in partnership with stakeholders, communities and families to:

  • Deliver and commission cohesive and integrated service pathways and models of care.
  • Build protective factors and strengthen the capacity and resilience of children, young people, their parents and families.
  • Develop nurturing and inclusive communities with strong collective capacity, networks and relationships.
  • Increase awareness of the impact of childhood adversity on health and wellbeing outcomes.

This work has made a difference to the community of Western Sydney and we are committed to sustaining our coalition, harnessing our collective mandate and building on existing reforms, including The First 2000 Days Framework and Their Futures Matter, to advance the service system and deliver meaningful and measureable outcomes for all.

Western Sydney SDR is being driven by the following organisations:

  • The Western Sydney Local Health District
  • WentWest as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network
  • NSW Department of Communities and Justice (including Police and Youth Justice)
  • NSW Department of Education
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
  • The Aboriginal Housing Office

The coalition is supported by Western Sydney University, Their Futures Matter, NSW Treasury and the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Current and Emerging Projects

Western Sydney SDR is currently sponsoring five projects, including:  

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