NSW Health has detected children and adolescents presenting to hospital immediately following vape use, including one under the age of 10. Symptoms have included seizures, collapse and vomiting. The cases have been focused in South Western Sydney, and two of the current clusters are related to a common disposable vape, the ‘IGET Bar’.

Vapes commonly contain nicotine even if they are labelled as nicotine-free. The ‘IGET Bar’ vapes in NSW have been found to contain nicotine, and vapes can often contain other harmful substances which are not listed in ingredients.

Analysis of the vape products linked to two cases are still ongoing, although initial analyses have not identified any other harmful substances.

Clinical recommendations

  • In children and adolescents presenting with seizures, take a history of any recent vape use, this may need to be done away from parents and carers
  • Consult the Poisons Information Centre (13 11 26) if a vape-related presentation is suspected in a child or adolescent
  • Ensure EDTA (purple tube) and urine samples are collected and held by the local laboratory in relevant cases to enable extended toxicology testing to be undertaken

Current as at: Wednesday 5 July 2023