A range of COVID-19 pathways are now available on Western Sydney HealthPathways that have been developed in a state-wide effort to provide primary care with consistent and up-to-date information and clinical guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Available Pathways

Provides regular updates on the latest changes to Western Sydney Local Health District and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network services due to the impact of COVID-19.

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Written and regularly updated in line with Australia’s response plan to the COVID-19 pandemic, this pathway provides clear and concise guidance to clinicians on assessing and managing patients presenting with possible COVID-19.

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The pathway provides guidance on the process of conducting a telehealth consultation.

The pathway covers the following: 

  • Patient eligibility and suitability for telehealth consultation
  • Guidance on performing patient examinations over the phone
  • Arranging prescriptions, pathology, medical certificates, and diagnostic imaging requests.  

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Provides ongoing updates of MBS item numbers relating to COVID-19.

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Provides guidance on preparing your practice for managing patients, including:

Infection Control

  • Practice setup
  • Staff behaviors
  • Patient education

Care Delivery

  • Control access to the practice
  • Prepare and protect vulnerable patients
  • Manage and protect staff
  • Manage unwell patients at a distance

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Find details of local COVID-19 services and access to personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Western Sydney COVID-19 Clinics providing assessment and testing
  • How and where to arrange testing in Western Sydney
  • Public Health notifications and advice
  • How to access PPE

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Lists the impacts of COVID-19 on the clinical care of other conditions, such as the use of nebulisers and changes to NSW Health Pathology, including the availability of PCR testing for some non COVID viral specimens.

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Western Sydney HealthPathways is a partnership initiative between Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN), Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN).

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